Hotel Security

It is widely acknowledged by consultants in our industry that one of the most difficult and demanding aspects of security is the provision of security for hotels.

Essential Security Solutions specialise in this very demanding sector by providing highly trained security officers and specialist security advice to Senior Managers at group hotel level.

The P. Jackson “Handbook of Security” states:

“Of all specialised security functions, perhaps the most difficult to carry out is that of Hotel Security.

The Complex organisation of a modern hotel, together with the necessarily ever changing population mix means the ensuring the safety of the guest, staff and the protection of the contents and fabric of the building is one of the most demanding in the security industry”

Essential Security Solutions provide a security service for major hotel chains, as well as small individual.  All of our customers are recognised for providing high levels of service and for maintaining standards at a consistent level.

Essential Security Solutions provide services tailored to suit the needs of our clients and to mirror their image.  We achieve, maintain and often exceed our clients’ expectations of us and we do this by understanding our ‘Customer Needs’.

Like our clients, we also believe that our customers always “come first” and to ensure that we accomplish this, we provide our officers with induction training on and off site.

We provide our customers with consistent levels of service at all times.  Our assignments are managed and visited by a senior member of our team frequently.  This is a direct benefit to our customers, as they do not have to dedicate a member of management from their team to deal with the day-to-day management and supervision of running an additional department.